Csató, József I Horváth, Dániel I Keresztes, Zsófia I Márton, Enikő I Nádler, István I Révész, László László I Szentesi, Csaba I Tibor, Zsolt I Tőkés, Réka I Ulbert, Ádám

curator Sárvári, Zita

On view 03.07 - 01. 08, 2015

Opening 07. 02, 2015 Thursday 6 P.M.

Our present exhibition, On paper II, is the second part of a show we organised in 2014. Then, we focused on presenting various tendencies on how paper is used and appears in contemporary art.

Now, we choose works from artists, who use paper as a primary medium. The exhibited works operate within the frames of minimalism, using only a few gestures, minimum of tools and materials.

The dramatic, yet loose gestures of István Nádler are in an exciting contrast with Enikő Márton s and Zsolt Tibor s constructive, serial works, while Réka Tőkés ornamental pellucid works on tracing-paper implicate the accidental. The collages and objects by József Csató, Zsófia Keresztes, Ádám Ulbert and Csaba Szentesi operate with unusual materials like wire, foam, Iphone instructions, rubber or even moss bring new peek upon our prior ideas concerning the medium. The dream-like stories about a never-seen land of Dániel Horváth and the personal, almost surreal drawings bespiced by modernist style of László Révész are beautiful examples for the figural tendencies.

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