Éva Magyarósi
(1981, Veszprém)

Lives and works in Budapest

Éva Magyarósi is a very versatile artist, working with several kinds of media. She had a book of poetry published already at the age of 16; she writes short stories, creates public sculptures, animations, photos, and drawings, but she is primarily known for her video art. She often uses and mixes different techniques, as in her characteristic glass pictures, which are combinations of photography, drawing, and painting. On the other hand, in accordance with the ut pictura poesis principle, her art is not only a mixture of visual art and narration, but it is a manifestation of poetic visualization and visual poetry. Her works typically tell us about the mysteries of the female soul, about the body, the feelings, displaying polyphonic stories of strange dreams and actually experienced situations. The pieces often blend the strategies of experiencing evanescence via images and narration, and of processing remembrance through making it collective. Her works of art can be interpreted as visual diaries, in which the fictive and the personal past are blended, thus contributing to the literary works of different philosophical theories on time and memory.


2000-2005     Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Theoretical Studies, Department of Animation

Exhibitions at Erika Deák Gallery

2014     On Paper
2012     Still-Light
2010     On Paper
2009     Game for Cruel Girls

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013     Planking and Dreaming, BalzerARTprojects, Basel
2012     Invisible drawings, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2010     Lena, Ponton Gallery, Budapest
2009     Game for cruel girls, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
2008     Király Száz Gallery, Budapest
2003     Cirko-Gejzír, Budapest
             Aegon Gallery, Budapest

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015     Creation Works, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2014     On Paper, Deák Erika Gallrey
             Contemporaries: Collectors and artists, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest
             Un Instant Forever, Analix Forever, Genova
2013     Deathly Nature, MODEM, Debrecen
             cArtc Space, Budapest
             Sky Screen Projekt, TRAFO, Szczecin
             Viltin Gallery, Budapest
2012     Still-light, Erika Deak Gallery
2010     VOLTA Show, Basel, with Erika Deak Gallery
2008     Nem kötelezô, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
2007     IMPEX, West Balkán, Budapest
             Lost and found, Debrecen, Hungary
             Lost and Found, Baden-Baden
2006     Várfok Gallery – XO Terem: Szubjektív objektív
2005     ART-EX, Czech Center, Budapest
             Necc, KOGART Gallery, Hungary
             Pécs Biennale, Pécs, Hungary
2003     Print Biennale, Kairó, Egypt